Belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan Percakapan Past Tense

Percakapan Past Tense – Dialogues can definitely make learning English more fun and effective, for that reason we decide to post two dialogues in English to help you get an insight on how to properly converse using past tense.

Conversation taking place in a school setting

 Student A         : Good morning, Gabby!

Student B         : Morning, Anne. How was your weekend?

Student A         : It was bad, I came down with a fever and stomach flu, so I had to stay in bed.

Student B         : I’m sorry to hear that.

Student A         : I heard you went for a hike over the weekend, how was it?

Student B         : It was so fun, but also extremely tiring. I went with my brother and his friends, we walked uphill for a total of 20-miles. I almost gave up but I am very glad I didn’t because the view was just breathtaking and there was actually a waterfall and a huge beautiful lake we could swim in. We had so much fun hiking and camping there.


Conversation taking place at home

Mother             : What time did you come home last night?

Son                  : I don’t know, maybe around 11:45 PM.

Mother             : That is past your curfew! Perhaps you care to explain the reason to your father because he is clearly not pleased.

Son                  : I know, but my school’s football team had an important match last night and I could not miss it since I am one of the key players.

Mother             : But there was no way your football match would last until midnight!

Son                  : We won and we had to celebrate with the rest of the crew, mom. What did you expect me to do? I couldn’t just grab my belongings and went home after winning the match.


Conversation taking place by the side pool of a resort

Person A          : Hello, I hope you don’t mind my taking the seat to your family’s table.

Person B          : No problem. Did you come to this country on your own?

Person A          : Yes, I arrived just last night. It was a long flight.

Person B          : That is so brave, I traveled overseas on my own once when I was younger. I didn’t enjoy it.

Person A          :  I love traveling on my own. Last year I embarked on a long trip to 10 countries.

Person B          : That is interesting, which countries did you go to?

Person A          : I started from Tokyo, Japan. I decided to move to the country to teach English. My contract lasted for 4 years so I thought I would put my time in Asia to a good use. So I drew up a plan and the next month, I went to Thailand. It was brief but made me crave for more.

Person B          : Then which country did you go to after Thailand?

Person A          : Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia were next. And then followed with China, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Cambodia and South Korea.

Person B          : Oh my God, I always wanted to go to South Korea!

Person A          : It was one of my favorite destinations, you should visit one day!

Semoga 3 contoh percakapan past tense ini bisa membantu meningkatkan bahasa Inggris anda. Terus berlatih yah.