2 Contoh Puisi Ibu dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh puisi ibu dalam bahasa Inggris – Learning English using other means such as a poem is fun! It is so fun that you won’t feel like you are actually learning. As you read up on these beautiful poems about our wonderful mothers you will find yourself learning a thing or two about vocabulary and structure. Yes, who says learning English should be boring?

“How Did You Do It, Mom?”

It’s beyond me how you could always do all the things you did,

And did it so perfectly.

It’s beyond me how you could be everything I needed,

And you pulled it off so beautifully.


My mother was a nurse when I came down with a fever,

And she was a lifeguard yelling at me to never go in when the water is too deep.

My mother was a dependable rock when I became a doubter,

The greatest supporter one could ever keep.


A stern disciplinarian who loved like no other,

A fierce defender, my biggest believer.

A safety net when my life felt crumbling down,

A comforting lullably sang from dusk to dawn.


There are many more, but above all,

She was the best of friend a daughter can always call.

Someone I am always thankful for,

Someone I am forever grateful for.


Contoh puisi ibu dalam bahasa Inggris lainnya adalah:

“The Hands of A Loving Mother”

My beautiful mother is unlike any other,


She taught me how to talk,

And she, ever so patiently, taught me how to walk.

She taught me how to live,

And she taught me how to love.


She has always been a tissue personified,

Whenever my issues make me truly terrified.

She has always given me the greatest hug,

And loved me unconditionally even when I became to smug.


My beautiful mother is unlike any other,


Her hands held me tight all through the nightfall,

From the moment I took my first breath and my tears started to fall.

Her hands tried to keep me from harm’s way as I took my very first baby step,

And were so quick to pick me up when I was down, to help me take care of it all.


She held the stars and the moon,

For me to reach.

She proudly clapped and became all over the moon,

The moment I succeeded and gave my first speech.


My beautiful mother is unlike any other,


She would sternly discipline me for my recklessness with those hands,

She would push me when I began to slack off with those hands,

She shaped me into the best person she knew I could be,

She made me believe I can be everything I want to be.


No one in this world can even come close to my mother,

and nothing can be as strong as her now aging and frail hands.

Nothing in this world can even come close to this special bond we share,

A bond that always makes it into our prayer.


Nothing can ever compare to my dear mother,

And the hands that raised me.

No one can ever take her special place deep within me,

Because my dear mother is unlike any other.